Sometime in the not too distant past, I began using haiku as a way to describe and title my Instagram posts.

I’m no haiku expert; I know haiku is Japanese and that it written in a set pattern of syllables, 3x5x3 or 5x7x5.

No doubt other rules exist, but these are the ones I’m familiar with, and currently operating under.

Anyway, try and get in the right mood… imagine you are in a café, the smell of cappuccino and cannabis hang in the air, a beatnik in sunglasses plays bongos in the corner, near a projector screen. the lights dim…

The lights raise and beneath the screen you see a small title card upon which is written:

am I not ▪ the ghost now haunting ▪ this old house?

(crowd snaps fingers, end daydream.)

There’s plenty more where that came from on my Instagram feed by clicking on one of the pictures below, but setting the mood is up to you; unless you liked the west coast neo beatnik cafe vibe I was going for.

In which case, feel free to use it to get there again and again!

•••••••¡adiós amigos!••••••••пока•••••••••

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